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M16A1 Marushin Blowback Metal Replica Rifle - Sale » Antique guns & replicas » Deactivated gunsAd number: 33941

M16A1 Marushin Blowback Metal Replica Rifle
Date added: 30.11.2014, 17:41Displayed: 3772x

Description: This is a full 1:1 scale replica of the famous Colt M16A1, used extensively by the US in Viet Nam. Marushin are recognised as the best replica of this iconic weapon, with all Colt and operational stampings clearly visible. It is all metal construction and is fully field strippable. What is different about this replica is it has genuine M16 plastics and a genuine M16 carrying strap, making it very realistic.The rifle comes with a number of rounds and caps, plus the loading tool and full instructions, although they are in Japanese! I have never tried using the rounds and caps as it was only ever used as a prop in a M38A1 Jeep. Buyer must collect. More pictures on request.

Price: 325 £

Locality: Yorkshire and the Humber

Contact information:
Advertiser: Martin

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