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Deactivated Russian PPSH41 sub machine gun - Sale » Antique guns & replicas » Deactivated gunsAd number: 36357

Deactivated Russian PPSH41 sub machine gun Deactivated Russian PPSH41 sub machine gun - Sale Deactivated Russian PPSH41 sub machine gun - Sale Deactivated Russian PPSH41 sub machine gun - Sale
Date added: 28.02.2015, 13:52Displayed: 3598x

Description: This is a russian PPSH41 sub machine gun, WW2 issue dated 1945, an item becoming harder to find especially in " Old spec" as this one is. It can be cocked and dry fired, with working automatic/ single shot change over. It can be field stripped and as matching serial numbers which are 5013,it is in good to reasonable condition considering its age, it comes complete with original canvas sling, 71 round drum magazine and the hard to find 35 round banana magazine.It as correct cryllic markings, and as deactivation certificate.

Price: 875 £

Locality: South East England

Contact information:
Advertiser: colin

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